Volunteer Information

CPF is currently seeking committee members and helpers who have specialised skills that can contribute to the organisation. Prospects should have non-profit and fundraising experience, enthusiasm for the arts and ability to contribute to the strength of the organisation.

What a person does is largely self-determined, based on individual skill sets and interests.

Committee members require a commitment of one to two years of service. Monthly meetings are typically held on the first Tuesday of the month.
Resumés and cover letters may be sent to our email address.

Volunteer Information:

Volunteers are an important part of life of CPF and without them we would not be able to offer all of the programmes and activities that we do.

There are many volunteer opportunities, including:


  • Admissions Desk
  • Programme & Event Support
  • Education/Programming
  • Archiving
  • Docent
  • Public Relations
  • General Administration
  • Membership/Development
  • Exhibition Installation