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How to make

How to make




It is exceptionally easy to update this on line record as you go, but it will need a little admin knowledge.  I suspect you may enjoy this aspect.When making a first attempt, it is strongly recommended that someone walk you through the process. This could even be done over the phone.


This is a simple approach to make simple amendments.  It only gives the essentials, don't rush into more venturesome areas without more help..



Log on at:    http://www.cpf.org.nz/admin/login/

Username:    (..........)

Password:     (..........)



This example is based on updating a PAGE titles Exhibition Roster.  The method is almost identical for many other pages or events.



How Back End


Access the file by either the menu on the left or the icon bank.  You need:     Page Manager  or  Page


This opens a listing.  About 1/3 way down you need to find.   EXHIBITION POSTER

The Blue column on the right is entitled ACTION.   You need to select   EDIT


How to



A page will open that has a bundle of fields, that you can ignore. Apart from the big filed called   PAGE CONTENT.


Now if you think you have made a mess, navigate back using the Browser back buttons.  However if you think it is correct you press, at the bottom   SAVE.


OK, A little more about this field PAGE CONTENT.


How to


The top shows various action buttons.  Hove atop to find function.  The selection is limited to maintain continuity across the site. The only useful ones are likely to be BOLD, UNDERLINE,  ALIGN LEFT, BULLET POINT.  It's a bit like any word processor.


Now the text panel is very narrow, but can be enlarged, by dragging the shaded edge at the bottom right of the "typing panel". (Its to the right of the word "PATH".  I find I need to drag the panel down, then scroll the whole page, then drag again etc.


Well you are into big time programming now.


You will find the layout a bit funny.  The layout in this area known as the BACK END, can be very different when seen on the site.  Recommend you layout a bit , then press SAVE and have a look at how you have done.


Each time you enter some data, press SAVE to update and exit.  If you want to exit without updating, don't press SAVE, just navigate back using the Browser commands.


When you exit, you will be returned to the PAGE MANAGER. Then you can log off, run away, or celebrate your first steps at programming.


Well it is largely suck it and see, from here.  Suggest you only update a small section for a start and review the website as you go. One good practice is to have two pages open,    1 BACK END.   2. NORMAL WEBSITE.



I am sure once you get the hang of this , it will be a useful place to record any changes, and once recorded, they are there for all to see.



Please let me know when you are ready to start, and I'll hold your hand.



If pasting from a WORD document. You must use the WORD INSERT TOOL.