Fashion photography winners 2012

Title image "Kirsten Smedley Winner  Full length"


With over 70 photographers shooting at CPF fashion events, competition for 2012 has been intense, with outstanding images being produced.


Special thanks to TRELISE COOPER for the invitation to her magnificent events, with such stylish garments. Also Michael Ng, official photographer for NZFW, for his enthusiastic support  and Judging.


Sadly the number of entrants in the competition was disappointing, with only 8 photographers entering, despite the relaxation is print size.  Some scheme will have to be introduced to ensure a greater response in the future. Ideas and suggestions are welcomed.


Special commendation

Michael Ng was highly impressed with Alex Yau entry, which we are pleased to recognize as a very good first time effort.

Alex You

Alex Yau Full length Highly commended



While portrait is perhaps the least significant in terms of fashion, the chance to take glamorous face shots proved to be very popular with Shona Kebble wining.

Shona Kebble

Shona Kebble "Winner" Portrait




This creative section is open to artistic elements and creativity. Won by Heather Child with some lovely images taken at the Trelise - Coutts Mercedes night.

Heather Child Winner

Heather Child Winner "Fashion"

¾ Length

Won by Liz Hardley for a colourful and crystal clear set of prints.

Liz Hardley Winner 3/4 length

Liz Hardley Winner 3/4 length


Full length

Kirsten Smedley Winner  Full length

Kirsten Smedley Winner  Full length (for more images refer Fashion Gallery).

The ultimate category for catwalk is the full length category where timing and composition are critical.  The winner being Kirsten Smedley