PHOTOGRAPHERS wishing to participate should "Book in" to be given full instructions.  Payment is not required until 1st Feb.

BALLERINAS wishing to participate should email their CV to



One Tree Hill & Cornwall Park.  Commencing 5:30pm Tuesday 12th February.

Set up will commence around 5pm, (voluntaries please) The first shoot will commence at 5:30pm with the first group of dancers. Additional groups will be scheduled once dancer availability is known.  

The sun sets at 8.21pm, with twilight to 8.48pm  Shoot ends 9pm.

COST  Members $0  Non Members $50.  Numbers limited.


We gather at the Memorial Steps in front of Restaurant/Kiosk, where shooting will commence on the steps and adjacent areas.

Ask dusk approaches we move to the car park half way up to the summit and walk along a ridge to the west to capture dancing as the sun sets. 

This is a cooperative shoot, meaning that the dancers will receive images in return for their time and participation in the shoot.  


This shoot is made possible by the Cornwall Park Trust Board and Auckland Council - Events, who have kindly allowed CPF to hold this event in the park. There are some simple guidelines and these will be explained at the shoot. The authorities have suggested we take this opportunity to mention that permission is always required for any organised photography in the park, such as weddings etc. 



CONCEPT IMAGES Thanks to Ileanna and Freline.



Before the shoot. To avoid technical difficulties any photographer that has not posted to a CPF Dropbox, will be asked to post a test image to Dropbox to make sure that all systems are working. 

After the shoot, by the 19th February, all photographers must post at least 2 shots of each dancer on DROPBOX. Images will be made available to dancers at no charge. 

This shoot is open to anyone that can be confident in providing images on dropbox. Experienced photographers will be available to assist.

Tripods and lighting systems are recommended. Ideally several flashlights and triggers. For details of sunset angle see below.



Dropbox is a free cloud system, that enables photographers to upload high quality images, that can be downloaded for free. It is a secure system and users must be authorised by the Box administrator. DROPBOX details will be advised, when you register and it is recommended that you have a practise download before the shoot. Any queries can be resolved at the shoot.




Images will remain on the site till 12th March.