For people wishing to learn how to prepare and publsih information on the CPF website. Or for those that just want to know more about websites.

Be the amongst the first to set up your own personal site from the CPF site. Shortly the CPF website will be upgraded with an extensive Members area, that will also enable members to have their own "Web Pages" designed to feature multiple personal albums and lots of images. The personal pages can either be restricted to members only or be open to the public as a stand alone site.


Topics covered.


  1. Using Photoshop and Lightroom to format images for the web. Sizing, Pixels, colour space ...........

  2. Image naming and 'back end" file structure. Why and how?

  3. Using the Data Base Uploader for the "EVENT" pages. Downstream reports.

  4. Using the semi - structured "NEWS" and "ABOUT" pages.

  5. Setting up menus and how they interlink.

  6. CPF Galleries

  7. Using the Image based system to design your own web page.




  1. Knowledge to run key areas of the CPF Website

  2. How to design and set up your own Home Page, Albums and upload Images to your own page using the CPF site.


The course is based solely on the systems and methods used on the CPF site. It is hoped that people attending the course, will take an active roll in running or providing information for the CPF site.




  1. Basic level of knowledge in Photoshop or Lightroom.

  2. Moderate computer skills.



7.15pm Thursday 15th November


Venue is "to be advised".