MISS EARTH NZ - Green carpet, charity cocktail night

Many members will recall "Gloria" the reigning Miss Earth NZ, as the outstanding girl who modeled for us on three occasions.

She is having a Charity gala night, replacing the usual "Red Carpet' with a more enviromentally friendly "Green Carpet". Lots of fabulous models and society people will arrive, dressed to impress, and provide a photo opportunity as they parade the carpet. This will be followed by a cocktail party where again photographers are welcome.

Gloria sets the scene by arriving in a stretched Hummer at 7pm.

Gloria Gloria Gloria

More Event info: https://www.facebook.com/events/493952700630086/

Other models attending the event include Nicole Brown (Lighting Course 3), Katrina Brown, Anna Davis


Anyone who wishes to capture a touch of society and glamour.

No special experience required, but good flash light skills would be beneficial.

Tripods, flash etc all accepted.



Platter Cafe, 65 Davis Cres, Newmarket.


7pm 25th October.


If your booking is NOT acknowledged, you can still attend. (Ronald is overseas and may be unable to acknowledge your booking).


This will be posted as soon as a leader is arranged.


Please email images to info@cpf.org.nz if you wish to have your images posted on this page after the event.

Images by Fergus Clark

F Clark Miss Earth 1 F Clark Miss Earth 2

F Clark Miss Earth 3

F Clark Miss Earth 4