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MEMBERS NIGHT 2/7/13   7:15pm

VENUE  WHITE STUDIOS, 30 Burleigh St, Eden Terrace, thanks to Charles Howells.




The founder of Kingsize Studios, photographer, exhibitor, publisher, entrepreneur.   Known for his mastery of lighting and special effects, his nostalgic images have brought him praise from Auckland to New York. Kiwi born, New York based, Adam travels between his two homes capturing supermodels and scenery. In-between, he maintains an impressive range of PR activity on: Blog, Tumblr, Twitter, Linkedin, Vimeo, to name just a few.


Adam will speak to us on the ever-evolving camera and the effect of video SLRs.






What a remarkable feast of photography. How many of our members visited exhibitions during the festival. A good team joined up and went on the Tuesday night bus tour where we visited a number of interesting venues.

Special congratulations to members that had their own exhibitions: Denise Batchelor, Brian Livingstone, Narayan Subramanian.

The Festival offered a marvellous opportunity to promote CPF and draw attention to landscape photography and especially Jackie Ranken, our lead photographer and exhibitor.

Attendance was lower than hoped but the final result was better than many other exhibitions.  The main objective was to promote Jackie Ranken's work. Despite her achievements within the photography world, she was almost unknown to the Auckland art community, but as a result of the exhibition, she is likely to be represented by one of Auckland's more progressive galleries. It was a great experience working with someone of Jackie's ability and I know that all the people that met her enjoyed the enthusiasm she brings to her work.

Her workshop was well attended and we managed to sell $2100 worth of photographs.  Sadly the bids were only marginally above the reserve or printing cost so we did little better than break even.  All things being considered this was a more than satisfactory result.


A very special thanks to all those that helped to man the exhibition and those that helped with copywriting, proofreading and the many other things that made this a great team effort. Special thanks to Dave Bradley for coordinating the manpower. Finally a special thanks to Jackie Ranken and Mike Rose our guest exhibitors.




We have been honored by an application from Jackie to join CPF.  It is a huge compliment to have her as one of our members.  Jackie was the winner of NZIPP Professional Photographer for the Year 2012, and has been three time winner of the Australian Landscape Photographer of the Year and an exhibitor at the Ballarat International Foto Biennale. 






Show off your skills and area of interest.  Discuss with the photographer why and how the result was achieved.  Let the photographer know if you are interested. 


People wishing to exhibit should contact the President at



7.15pm             Wine, Welcome and Viewing.


7.20pm             Update and notices


7.25pm             All in Print presentation


8.00pm            Key Note Presentation