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Becky Nunes.

BA Hons.   Head of Photography.   Whitecliffe College of Art and Design

Becky's studio


Becky Nunes graduated from Warwick University in the UK with a BA in Film and Literature in 1986.

Once in New Zealand she began a successful commercial photography practice, which has operated for 18 years from her central Auckland studio. Her work has been commissioned by national corporations, design and advertising agencies. Her commercial work can be seen on her website.

Alongside her commercial practice, in 2005 Becky began a collaboration with Penguin NZ and the University of Waikato on “Mau Moko, the history of Maori Tattoo”. Now in it’s fourth NZ edition, and recently translated into French for a Tahitian edition, this work is a seminal text on the history and renaissance of Maori tattoo. Nunes’ portraits of wearers and practitioners of ta Moko have been shown at the Gus Fisher gallery in Auckland. She has subsequently worked with the Tainui iwi to record female wearers of ta Moko and to photograph taonga for a publication to be produced by the Kiingitanga at Turangawaewae.

Beck's flair for evocative modern image design has been employed to successfully market everything from architecture to food. She is also involved in judging, exhibitions and teaching.

For more information on her work, Awards, Publications and Exhibitions. See her website.



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