A special evening with the FASHION EXHIBITION and a GUEST SPEAKER.



7.15pm             Wine, Welcome and Viewing.

7.20pm             Update and notices

7.25pm             FAshion Exhibition

8.00pm            Key Note Presentation

Visitors and Guests are most welcome. Please complete the "Application form" (below) to assist with planning.


GUEST SPEAKER  Warren Williams  "Events Photographer"  

Warren Williams' passion of photography started many years ago when he picked up 
his first camera, a fully manual 35mm SLR. His creative flair and style have evolved with his 
experience in abstract art and design to produce fine photographs.  

Warren thoroughly enjoys shooting every form of photography, whether it's 
sports, people or capturing New Zealand's beauty into landscape photos.
Outside of photography, Warren's interests are sports, travelling and aviation.




EXHIBITION & COMPETITION  7.15pm 1st October

Images are to be pre Registered by email. Simply email a jpg image to Each image must state "your name" "Category entered" "Image number".

Prints are to be delivered 3/4 hour before the meeting. Namely at 6.30pm to White Studio, 2 Burleigh St, Eden Terrace. Only pre registered images will be accepted. 

Prints will remain the property of the photographer and will not be used by any third party without the consent of the photographer. However free use is granted to CPF for publicity thereof.

Prints should be collected at the end of the evening



All images must be taken at an event organised by CPF. The judges are looking for a portfolio of work rather than one lucky shot. Hence a minimum of three images and a maximum of 5 images are to be presented in each "Section". The prints will be judged as a portfolio within each section and not as individual prints. Photographers may enter as many "Sections" as they wish. 

Section 1:  FULL LENGTH CATWALK - Includes shoes and head.

Section 2: THREE QUARTER LENGTH CATWALK - This shows from the bottom of the garment to the top of the head for garments that do not reach the floor.

Section 3: HEAD - Portrait style to show make up or hairdo.

Prints: may be of any size up to a maximum of 450mm by 560mm, provided they are mounted on firm card or matted.  The matt is to be no smaller than 297mm by 210mm and no larger than 450mm by 560mm.


Print to be labeled on the back face with:

Section (See details above)

First name, Surname.

Full postal address

Phone Number

email address.