Learn how natural light through a window can be used to make magnificent portraits. Discover how Dutch Master painters used a simple reflector and natural light beside a window to achieve ageless and enchanting portraits. The shoot will be set in historic Kinder House, using the classical dining room, drawing room and annex. 


The class will commence with a description and demonstration of how to use the light and to set up the shot. This will be followed by a hands-on shoot, where small groups of photographers will work with  models. One photographer will shoot while the other will act as an assistant.  Not only will you learn how to use and balance the light, but you will learn how to pose and work with models.


At the end of the shoot you are expected to upload images to a cloud, Dropbox, so that the models  have a chance to use the images in their portfolios.


The class is aimed at experienced photographers wishing to learn new techniques. However the introduction will include all the key steps to generate fabulous images, so intermediate photographers are most welcome. This shoot is open to anyone that can place images in Dropbox within 10 days of the event.


Window Light 3  


The course is open to members and non-members. Please register your interest by enrolling. Numbers are limited. No more than 12 participants will be enrolled



We are seeking models either for the full duration or for half a day.

The course requires a classical, natural look. Pastel clothing, sleeves to cover arms (if possible). Light make-up, with minimum mascara. Hair - natural (no way-out creations !) 

If you wish to participate, please send your details, including email and phone contact, to info@cpf.org.nz


Window light Girls


What you will need:

Your camera, please be familiar with operating it in MANUAL mode.

We will be working with 100mm focal length lens and ISO 100.

If you have a prime lens so much the better, if not set your lens at 100mm and if you need to zoom to get closer, use your feet. (Same effect!)

Tripod and cable release. You will be using slow shutter speeds.

Exposure meter if you have one - to measure the incident lighting. If you do not have one, don't worry, an assistant will be available to take incident light readings.

LUNCH - we will take a break at about noon for 3/4 hour and then work on until 3pm. The models can take a break and course members can informally chat over lunch about what they are doing.


Models will be provided. You are asked to select images for them and post them in our DropBox.  The models will be given access to Dropbox, they will be free to use your images.



10am 13th April 2013 till 3pm. 45minute lunch break 12 - 12.45pm Lunch is not included, but can be obtained from several shops nearby or bring your own lunch.  Tea/Coffee provided.

WHERE  The course will be held at Kinder House, 2 Ayr St, Parnell.



COST $25 Members $75 Non-members.


REGISTER  To register click the Register button below. If space is available, you will be given a booking number and asked to pay immediately by bank transfer, If the event is sold out, you will be wait-listed. Once payment has been received you will receive official confirmation.


Details of the cancellation policy are given on the site.