NZFW Event Coverage..


This is only open to CPF members. 

Details are tentative, and it is recommended to consult with Fergus Clark if you wish to apply.

This invitation comes from Michael Ng who is a professional photographer and the Official Photographer to NZFW for many years. He is a great supporter of CPF.

It is important to appreciate that while Michael has created this opportunity for CPF members, participants must not interfer or seek any support or assistance from Michael during the event. Members are on their own or are to work as an independant team.

Michael's invitation reads:

"I have just secured with NZFW runway access for photographers and want to offer it to CFP members first.

In this first ever opportunity participants will have media access to all shows each day, under my accreditation.

I am not mentoring participants or giving a workshop but providing you access to an Industry only event. 

Participants are subject to NZFW rules, as per the Trelise Cooper private show in your CPF events and will need to sign a document.

Photographs taken during NZFW are only permitted for your own personal portfolio and competitions. 

No commercial use is allowed and photographs are not permitted to be sold or given to designers with or without a charge.

Participants are welcome to submit photographs which I shall upload to my blog. 

Follow this link to see the show schedule -

The event takes place over 6 days, from Tuesday 3rd Sept. to Sunday 8th Sept. Each day costs $500 plus a one off registration fee of $50 and is limited to 6 photographers, on a first come and pay basis. It is up to you if you shoot every show or decide to shoot certain designers? No refunds unless the event is cancelled.

To register your interest email me -

It will be up to each photographer to make their own way to the Viaduct Events Centre and to off-site show locations. I will advise the off-site locations the night before.

Ideally you will need a DSLR camera with a 70-200mm f2.8 zoom lens, monopod, laptop to down-load and editing software. Make sure you pack snacks and some water as you may not have time to stop!

This event is a must for any photographer wanting to experience the full on excitement and energy of shooting fashion shows and is the highlight on the New Zealand Fashion calendar. Hope to see you at the shows."

As stated, please contact Fergus if you have any questions. This is being coordinated directly with Michael Mg, so please contact him direct for bookings, however if you could also regester your interest on the CPF booking system, it may help to coordinate who will be participating.