NZFW Trelise Catwalk




This is a chance to photograph one of New Zealand's best Catwalk Parades.



The cost for the shoot is:

  • $30-Non CPF Members

  • $25 CPF members

  • $20 Students at Elam, UNITEC, AUT, South Seas Photography

This will include:

  • The Catwalk Shoot 26th August. See "Meeting point & Ticketing" below.

  • Participation in the Fashion Competition Exhibition on 7th October 





To register, click on the booking button, below.  

When booking, some repeat participants may encounter problems if they do not have their password. If that occurs please send your booking by email to

Once you have registered, if space is available, you will receive an acceptance and asked to pay by direct bank payment. If space is not available, you will be advised that you have been put on the wait list. Once payment has cleared your booking will be confirmed. For cancellation policy  Click here.



Photographers are to meet by 6.45pm at the CONSEVATORY BAR & RESTAURANT 1 -17 Jellicoe St North Wharf, Wynyard Quarter, approx 100m from the event just along the wharf.


When collecting your ticket you will be required to sign the "NZFW Photography / Image Rights", when picking up their tickets. See below.

IMPORTANT. Because the parades sometimes run late, all photographers will be held at the meeting point until the first Trelise parade is underway. Hence you will not be free to leave the meeting point until it is known that you can enter the Fashion Parade area.

NOTE: You must be ready to collect your tickets by 7pm. The show is scheduled to start at 7.30pm.




This opportunity exists because Trelise has two identical parades. The first is attended by the Official Media. On the second parade Trelise Cooper is able to give photographers the chance to shoot a real live parade.

You are expected to look and behave like a professionaland and to maintain a sense of professionalism at all times. No previous experience is necessary but you must follow all instructions given by Fergus Clark, CPF Coordinator  

All photographers are to wear dark clothing. No flash is to be used during the parade, but may be used before or after the parade. Ideally use a SLR Camera with a telephoto lens and a monopod or tripod with legs tied together. The best lens set up is 70-200mm and as fast as possible. For tips and advise on how and what to shoot, arrive at the meeting spot early and speak to Fergus Clark or the person issueing tickets.


When you enter the media area, you must remain in the designated media area unless specifically instructed otherwise. Space can be congested so, when setting up, do not hesitate to ask photographers in front of you, to take up their shooting position, to ensure that you have reasonable visibility. If the view looks doubtful move to a better position. A small box or even a small step ladder up to 1.5m at the back or side of the stand is a good idea. Finally before you get upset, be aware that the density of professionals would be greater that you will be experiencing. When shooting try to minimise space: don't poke elbows out etc.


To provide better shooting opportunities the number of photographers has been considerably reduced to 50 people. Also the first 30 people will be allocated postions based on when they book. This may be difficult to organise, but every attempt will be made to achieve this. Details will be given when you collect your ticket.



A photographer release is required by NZ Fashion Week, which prohibits the sale or commercial use of any images. NOTE: Photos can be used in competitions or personal portfolios. If you require clarification speak to Fergus Clark  Event Convenor.

The following rights and guidelines apply to all still images and photographs (Images) captured at New Zealand Fashion Week.

Any working photographer wishing to sell images must seek permission to attend New Zealand Fashion Week. Copyright of all Images captured during New Zealand Fashion Week remains with the accredited photographer.

Any images to be used for advertising purposes must first be given permission and clearance from the photographer and the model agency - NZFW holds no responsibility for this.

No advertising or brand partners may be associated with published images unless they are New Zealand Fashion Week sponsors / partners or agreed sponsors of a New Zealand Fashion Week Designer.


EXHIBITION & COMPETITION  7.15pm 7th October

The traditional Fashion Exhibition will be held on 1st October at White Studio, 2 Burleigh St, Eden Terrace during the CPF Monthly Meeting.

Participants should set up their prints by 7pm.


Images are to be pre Registered by email to assist with Judging. Simply email a jpg image to Each image must state "your name" "Category entered" "Image number".

Prints are to be delivered 1/2 hour before the meeting. Namely at 7pm to White Studio, 2 Burleigh St, Eden Terrace. Only pre registered images will be accepted. 

Prints will remain the property of the photographer and will not be used by any third party without the consent of the photographer. However free use is granted to CPF for publicity thereof.

Prints should be collected at the end of the evening



All images must be taken at a Catwalk Parade during 2014. The judges are looking for a portfolio of work rather than one lucky shot. Hence a minimum of three images and a maximum of 5 images are to be presented in each "Section". The prints will be judged as a portfolio within each section and not as individual prints. Photographers may enter as many "Sections" as they wish. 

Section 1:  FULL LENGTH CATWALK - Includes shoes and head.

Section 2: THREE QUARTER LENGTH CATWALK - This shows from the bottom of the garment to the top of the head for garments that do not reach the floor.

Section 3: HEAD - Portrait style to show make up or hairdo.


Prints: may be of any size up to a maximum of 450mm by 560mm, provided they are mounted on firm card or matted.  The matt is to be no smaller than 297mm by 210mm and no larger than 450mm by 560mm.


Print to be labeled on the back face with:

Section (See details above)

First name, Surname.