How to review photography

The next workshop will be on 17th Sept at Kinder House.


A four-evening series,

Commencing 20th August at Kinder House, 2 Ayr Street, Parnell.   7pm 

17th September at Kinder House, 2 Ayr Street, Parnell.   7pm 

Wed 15th October at Kinder House, 2 Ayr Street, Parnell.   7pm 

Wed 19th November at Kinder House, 2 Ayr Street, Parnell.   7pm 



Hear from leaders in different oeuvres, how they determine what makes a good photograph and how they go about explaining why they like or dislike a photograph.

Much is written about gadgetry and how to take a picture but precious little is written about what makes a good photograph.


It is the very essence of what photography is all about. When you are lining up on an epic shot, what thoughts should be going through your head? When you are showing the finished print, how would you describe the qualities that make it great?


When it’s someone else's work at a Portfolio Presentation, how do you review the work? How do you go about describing it? Why you like or dislike the work?


If you get tongue-tied when trying to explain the quality of a photograph, these workshops are for you.


There is a charge to cover room hire at Kinder House.  Members $20  Non Members $50      

If people paid higher prices they will be adjusted.

This course is intended to bypass the rules and discuss, how to:


  • Examine photography

  • Decipher what you like and dislike

  • How to describe the photograph in terms of feeling and impression

  • Assess artistic elements



We plan to have Art Dealers and Curators help us through this maze of mystery.