Lighting - Still life and macro

Next workshop 25th Sept. 2 Poto Street.   This series has already started, if you wish to join please contact Ronald @



A four or more night evening workshop, starting on 24st July. at Kinder House, 2 Ayr Street, Parnell.


Following on from last years people lighting course, we have chosen Still life and macro as a change.

It is expected that we will invite some professional people to assist with demonstration.


This series will start with a couple of nights on Still Life, before heading off to trickier things like Water Drops etc.

24th July   7pm

Was 28th Aug   7pm  Revised to 21st Aug

25th Sept     7pm       At 2 Poto Street, Remuera.

Thurs  23rd Oct 7pm

Thursday 27th Nov  7pm  


Listed below are concepts for consideration at the course


Still life Flowers 1 (C Whitham)  Still Life Flowers 2


Still life flower 3  Droplet 1Droplet 2 Fire

Flowers 2 Flower 1


Macro 1 Insect

Objects 1 Objects Cricket Balls

Smoke Splash

Splash 2 Studio Still Life 1

Still life 2 Still life 3

AutumnAutumn 2Autumn





1. Select at least 1 subject per evening.  eg Splash, Flower, Still Life - Art

2. Select one person per subject as coordinator for the evening. That person is responsible for arranging the object or objects to be photographed. (Other members may be asked to assist with props etc)

3 We may invite a professional to assist in "How to shoot", but the leader is the coordinator for the night.  While one person is leader, everyone assists with ideas and methodology.

4.  We all shoot the object or variation of the object and generally work as a team. Possibly split into several teams? 

5. The objective of the workshops is that we all land up with a good portfolio of images and that we present them to a CPF meeting in a similar way to the Queenstown BackCountry.  Each team leader (coordinator)  would speak to the meeting on how they went about their night.

6. Equipment wise, I think our lights may be suitable, but I suspect that smaller continuous lights may be better. It may be possible to use desktop lamps, with suitable bulb.