On FESTIVAL TUESDAY, 3rd June, at 6pm, grab a ride on a bus chartered by the Contemporary Photography Foundation.  


Maximise your viewing time at the Auckland Festival of Photography.


The bus leaves from the GALBRAITH's ALEHOUSE, 2 Mt Eden Road, Eden Terrace at 6pm sharp. (Very close to White Studios)


If you can't make the 6pm pick up, you can board along the way or at the half way point, (To be advised), at 7.30pm.   The bus will return you to the Alehouse or the half way point.


Booking is essential.

Please book by clicking the SUBMIT button below.  

Cost $20 Non Members  $10 CPF Members.

Please disregard to normal direct credit payment instructions. Payment will be made on the bus.

There are no cancellations and people not turning up will be charged.



The bus will depart from Galbraith's Alehouse, 2 Mt Eden Road, Eden Terrace ( 50 m from White Studios) at 6pm sharp

The exact route is subject to change, but is expected to include.
Kevin Capon, "A perfect day" at Sanderson Contemporary Art Gallery. Kevin Capon is an artist that uses photography to unravel particularities and conflicts in the pursuit of image-making. His oeuvre builds toward an enigmatic archive that describes human anxieties and the fading glory of modernity. Household objects and awkward figures become examples to illustrate noteworthy familial and societal phenomena.
Becky Nunes, " Co-orbital" at nkb Gallery. The subject that both proposes and supports this body of work is the bounded area that divides the south from the north of the city, and is itself cut through with roads and other infrastructure.
Christine Webster, "Therapies" at Gus Fisher Gallery. Using carefully choreographed photographs, Webster brings private personae into the public eye, querying the layers of identities we assume. Her examination of hidden desires and secret motivations often conflates elements of fantasy, eroticism and violence, subtexts not normally on view.
NZIPP Awards  at Vero Centre. Highest scoring awarded photographs (gold, silver and bronze) from the 2013 New Zealand Institute Professional Photography iris Awards. This is the finest work by New Zealand's leading professional photographers, students and assistants, judged across 7 different categories.
Siros Poros & Laurence Aberhart, "Photography at Kitchener" at Gow Langsford Gallery. 
Kate Woods "The Bonfire Almanac" at Two Rooms. Working from an interest in the documentary photography of transient artwork of the past the resulting constructed photographs recreate and re-site fleeting artworks and events. A particular focus is on the Xiamen Dada Group’s happenings from 1986. While in Beijing, on a residency, Woods researched how the beginnings of contemporary art evolved there and became fascinated by the group, who were an important part of the avant-garde 85' Wave Movement in China.
Various artists "It's Personal" at WHITE STUDIOS. Exhibition of personal works by NZ's leading advertising photographers.

Plus various other exhibitions depending on how quickly people board and exit the bus.

It's a bit of a gamble guessing how many will "grab a ride", to assist with planning, PLEASE BOOK BY CLICKING THE SUBMIT BUTTON BELOW  No NOT pay on line, cash will be collected on the bus.