Mark Hamilton Photographer.     

This month’s speaker popped out as being outstandingly different. 


I was keen to have a photographer, who’s work and website showed an abnormal artistic skill. 


Often photographers claim to have some remarkable ability to work with people and produce magical images, but when you look at their work it all looks remarkably similar.


But our speaker, Mark Hamilton is refreshing different. He has a keen sense of design that not only show emotion and intent, but also convey a compelling story.


Mark will talk about how he has developed a unique style and how he sees an image and the process he goes through. 


Asia Mark

Mark Scene

If you have not already made a presentation - please do so. Either prints or on your laptop. It’s a great way to show members what you enjoy and receive some feedback.  


In addition to Portfolio presentations, we are keen to promote Bring-A-Print.  Where you can have feedback from members on what they think of the image. Please have your image on display by 7.30pm. You will not be required to speak about your image.


COMING EVENTS for details see the website

AUCKLAND HIGHLAND GAMES.  Convened by Tom Bowie   Saturday 22nd November For details click here

Tom Bowie Highland Games

HOW TO REVIEW PHOTOGRAPHY    19th November 2014  Click Here
This group had an enlightening session thanks to Sue Dobson’s carefully curated presentation on what makes a photograph successful.  Her slideshow has been posted on the website, and is well worth visiting.  
Check out Sue’s presentation on the CPF website. Click here.

LIGHTING - Macro, Fine Art         27th November 2014   Click Here
One night left.  If you would like to join the group contact Dave Bradley  021 075 2539

Still Life Macro

Ilan Wittenberg Exhibition
Ilan, a past presenter and ardent supporter of CPF is holding a personal exhibition at Silo 6 in late November.  If you are passing drop in with your mates.  Information at