MEMBERS NIGHT    Tuesday 2nd December  7.30pm
Venue: WHITE STUDIOS, 30 Burleigh St, Eden Terrace, thanks to our host, Charles Howells.
GUEST SPEAKERLester de Vere Photographer.    


24 years as a commercial photographer

Associate Member NZ Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP)

Chairman of Auckland NZIPP 1998-01

President of NZIPP 2000-2002

Judge NZIPP 1996-2014

NZ!PP President's Award 1991

NZIPP Q Certificate - Portraits & Weddings 1992

NZIPP Gold Award 2003

International Speaker on Photography

Lester has made a major contribution to the photography industry in New Zealand and created an amazing reputation as a leading photographer in New Zealand. Lester will give an insight into his career and reveal the art of capturing clean contemporary images that will not date. 

Few people are better equipped to talk on the ART OF PHOTOGRAPHY.

Don't miss this entertaining and highly knowledgeable speaker.




This months presentations are to focus on Laptop Presentations.  Ideally we would like 6 presentations being made simultaneously around the room.  We are particularly keen to see beginners work or recent work.  

Hopefully there will be presentations from the Lighting Macro group, FashionTec Parade and the Highland games.  (The first 8 presenters will be accepted).


On arrival people attending will be assigned to a group headed up by members of the PHOTOGRAPHY REVIEW WORKSHOPS. Each group will rotate around the room discussing the various presentations, a bit "speed dating".  This will ensure that all presenters receive some feedback. It will also be educational for the viewers as they hear comments from other members of their group. 


I am often asked if the images can be displayed on the overhead projector. The main objective in displaying images at the meeting is to receive feedback and suggestions on your work.  Sadly the chances of having honest and meaningful comments in front of a full meeting are exceedingly unlikely. Hence the preference for small, convivial groups around a portfolio of prints or laptop.  Also if 6 people were to present 5 images and have comments by 3 or 4 people, it would take several hours.  Ideally we would like comments by the majority of attendees which would take all night.


It is hoped that this new form of presentations will lead to some interesting discussion that will be helpful to all concerned.  


It is hoped that these laptop and portfolio presentations will encourage participation in the Photography Review Workshops where the ability to take good photographs is encouraged by developing the skills to discuss and review photography.




Ilan Wittenberg Exhibition     SILO6   Wynyard Quarters.

I thoroughly recommend a visit to SILO6 to see Ilan Wittenberg's solo exhibition.  A huge undertaking to set up a presentation in this remarkable venue.  Very fabulous work in a fantastic location.   Information at


Not only will you see great work, but you will be showing the City Council that Auckland's want to see photography in public places.


Well done Ilan.




Members Night Schedule - First Tuesday of the month

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