Monthly Meeting 3rd February 2015

MEMBERS NIGHT    Tuesday 3rd February 2015  7.30pm
Venue: WHITE STUDIOS, 30 Burleigh St, Eden Terrace,
thanks to our host, Charles Howells.

A new year and a new meeting format. In December we trialled multiple laptop presentations with a round-robin review, where groups of members, each with a team leader, discussed the laptop presentations.  It was a huge success and for the next few months will replace the Portfolio Reviews involving presentations and prints.  


It is hoped that the round-robin presentations will allow more members to receive feedback on their work, without the cost and bother of producing prints. Also by forming into groups to discuss the work everyone is more likely to learn how to discuss and evaluate an image. With a glass of wine it will be more social and interesting for all concerned.


Guidelines for presenting and reviewing have been published on the CPF website.  SEE


IMPORTANT. If you have some images taken over the holidays that you would like to offer please contact Tom Bowie Presentation Coordinator. Just drop Tom an email and he will add you to his list. It's on a first in basis. Email Tom at:

GUEST SPEAKERRobin Smith  Photographer.     


ROBIN SMITH  will speak on “The story behind the image - seeing the image”


This promises to be particularly interesting as Robin came into the photography world after a graphic arts training. He has his own unique way of seeing and processing images.

Robin has travelled widely including Cuba and USA where he has worked with an interesting mix of genres.    More info:



For more information or to volunteer to present images at the next meeting, email Tom Bowie

If you have work you can show to the meeting PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email Tom Bowie.  

It only needs 5 to 10 images and a laptop and be set up before 7.30pm   

They need not be the most perfect images you have ever taken.

Just include images where you would like some feedback and discussion. 


If you are planning a shoot that could involve CPF members, sing out and we will promote it on the website. More events will be listed once the event committee swing into action.


Auckland Festival of Photography.

Last year was an enormous success with two significant exhibitions and more work available than we could display.


This is to announce that people wishing to participate in the Festival, 28 May - 20 June, should advise Ronald Winstone was soon as possible.


We are in the early stages of preparing this years exhibition.  The subject has been changed from Landscape to Open.  Any portfolio with a similar theme can be submitted. Rules will be published shortly. A curatorial team will be appointed to select the exhibition.