Monthly Meeting 7th April



Visitors and Guests are most welcome. Please complete the Application form (below) to assist with planning.


Bruce Connew Political humanist photographer. 

Styled as a political humanist photographer, our next guest speaker has much to tell. His travel plans for 2015 alone start to raise intrigue, Australia, South America, Europe. 

During his thirty year career he has recorded Aboriginal problems, strife in New Caledonia, racial South Africa, war in Kosovo, Indian-Fijian sugar cane workers, Mutton birding, coal miners in Buller and projects in Bhutan, Laos, Papua New Guinea, Bougainville and Vanuatu. To name just a few. 

Raised in Panmure, he studied photography at the West Surrey College of Art and Design, Guildford, England before starting his documentary career with the Listener. He now travels the world seeking out contentious information to reveal social issues. With work in Te Papa, the world seeking out contentious information to reveal social issues. With work in Te Papa, 

The National Gallery of Australia and a regular exhibitor all over the world and author of many books his story is rich and exciting. 

Connew describes himself as a humanist photographer producing documentary photography leaning towards photojournalism. 

View Bruce's website. Click here 



Again we will be having our Round Robin Reviews as a means of helping each other create better images. 

Presenters please aim to have from 4-8 images. They need not be your best. 

Reviewers are encouraged to use a three step review process. 1/ See. 2/ Interpret 3/ Discuss. Please avoid the temptation to dive in with condemnation before you have seen and interpreted the work. 

It’s about learning and helping ?
If you wish to make a presentation please contact Tom Bowie. 




Queenstown Autumn Colours 12 - 16th April 

Following last years successful Queenstown Backcountry trip, our own member Michael Ng will be running his own trip. The itinerary includes. Queenstown, Milford, Nokamai (Sheep station) Clyde, Ben Lomand, Queenstown. A spectacular trip is assured, please pass the word to others who may be interested. More details. Click here 

Auckland Festival of Photography. CPF EXHIBITION 11th - 15th June 

Last year about 20 members participated in the Landscape Exhibition at Kinder House and the People & Places Exhibition at APIX. This was a resounding success in terms of exposure for CPF and experience for participants. 

This year the Kinder House Exhibition will be open to all genre, meaning that there will not be any set subject or theme. However there will be a selection process by a Curatorial committee. 

It is hoped that this will encourage greater participation and raise the standard of work. 

Also there will not be any guest photographer, similar to Jackie Rankin and Harry Janssen. 

Rules of entry 

Entries close Thursday 25th May 

1. The exposure of the image must be the original work of the photographer.
3. Photographers may enter a maximum of ten (10) entries. There are no restrictions on genre or subject matter.

4. A two step submission process will apply. First. Digital images will be submitted to a curatorial committee. Secondly Once accepted printed works will be delivered.

4. Minimum size of the printed image shall be 25 x 18cm. There is no maximum size.
5. If accepted. All printed work must be to a presentation standard, mounted on stiff card suitable for hanging with an adhesive tag and be sufficiently robust to last the duration of the exhibition. Work should be unframed (no glass).
6. The Curatorial Committee reserve the right to determine what work will be exhibited. The committees decision shall be final. No correspondence will be entered into.
7 Copyright remains with the photographer. CPF reserves the right to reproduce photographs of exhibits for promotional purposes. 

8 Submission Process 

  1. Allpeoplewishingtosubmitworkforexhibitionmustsenddigitalimagesto [email protected]

     by 20th May for selection by the Curatorial Committee. 

  2. Imagesshouldbejpgandnamedwith:1.Thephotographersname.2.Title. 

  3. Whensubmittingacoveringemailshouldlisttheworksandexplainhowtheimages 

    will be presented: 

    Dimensions of print and mount.
    Details/specifications of how the work will be printed and mounted.
    The price the photographer wishes to receive is the work is sold. CPF reserves the right to add a commission.
    e.g. Printed by “Evoke Printers” on ..Epson 250 g Archival Matte Paper with an image size of 40 x 20cm and matted with 70x40 card. Photographers price $500 

  1. Photographerswillbeadvisedby7thMayiftheyhavebeenaccepted. 

  2. PrintedworksaretobehandedtothePrintCoordinatorattheCPFmeetingon2nd 

    June. All photographs must be labeled on the reverse side of work with title and artist’s name, address and phone number. 

After the exhibition work can be removed after the Closing Night or at the CPF Meeting 7th July 

Winter lecture and courses 

The events committee will be planning a series of lectures and workshops for the winter. Feedback is welcomed on the following possible topics. 

  • How to review photography.

  • Lighting People & Fashion.

  • Lightroom basics

  • Lightroom advanced

  • Photoshop basics

  • Photoshop advanced, masking & layers 



Annual Subscription for year ending 31st March 2016 is due 1st April 2015 


Payment by Direct Bank Credit to: Contemporary Photography Foundation

Acc 12-3030-0750957-00 


Please state: “Your Name”, “Phone number”, “Sub”. 

Special rates for
Senior Members: Over 65 years $50
Country Members residing outside Auckland City $25
Student: Attending Arts or Photographic course at University level. $25 


All members are encouraged to forward this newsletter to photographers who may be interested in hearing our next guest speaker or becoming members.
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