Monthly Meeting 7th July



Visitors and Guests are most welcome. Please complete the Application form (below) to assist with planning.

Venue: WHITE STUDIOS, 30 Burleigh St, Eden Terrace,
Start:   7.30pm


GUEST SPEAKER  Andrew Thomas  - 

 Andrew Thomas of the Michael Lett Gallery will speak on an “Art Dealers observations”.

How a dealer goes about selecting artists. What it takes to make an exhibition.  What the public are looking for. Where photographers fit into the Auckland art scene.

What makes Andrew’s presentation doubly interesting is that he came into the art world with a photography background having obtained a degree in photography at UNITEC.

Andrew’s talk is particular important as he is the first art dealer to speaker and CPF’s objective is strongly aligned to the development of photography as an art.

The Michael Lett Gallery is based in Newton.  More info:


Tom Bowie is doing his best to arrange at least 4 presentations per night.  However please feel free to bring along some work and to "stand in" if Tom is short of people. For tips on Reviewing go to

When reviewing, avoid nit picking detail until after you have assessed and commented on the photographers intent !!!!   Photographers tend to be far to technical without appreciating what makes the image effective.

I am keen to strength the reception team at our monthly meeting. and welcome Jeff Norman and John Hemmingsen.  Please assist them to set up tables and chairs and purveying the liquid refreshments.

For new members or guests, please make sure Peter Ching is aware of any guests so that can be invited to join.

I will be away for August and September and seek some people that can assist with some duties. Hosting Guest speaker, Newsletter, Membership records. Please let me know if you can help.

We have several people lined up ready to show images.  If you would like to bring a computer with some images we will accept the first 4 people to arrive. Otherwise please contact Tom Bowie.


All members are encouraged to forward this newsletter to photographers who may be interested in hearing our next guest speaker or becoming members.
This is an easy request, just click the "Forward Button" at the bottom of the email.

I have a very attractive young model (16years old) from Ethiopia who is keen to build her fashion portfolio.  She is very talented and looks far older than 16, she is based in Avondale and is free during the school holidays or weekends. If you are interested in arranging a shoot please contact me.  Portfolio page click here  



This is where we look and learn. Members and guests bring along images on their laptop (approx 5)._ Everyone is formed into small groups that mix, mingle and discuss the works. Not only do presenters have some feedback, but everyone else learns how to look at and discuss the images.

People wishing to exhibit should contact Tom Bowie Presentation Coordinator



June was a big month with the Trelise Cooper Fashion Parades and the Exhibition at Kinder House.

The Trelise Cooper fashion parade provided many members with a chance to experience a catwalk shoot, with 5 parades and 6 photographers per parade.  The parade was extremely spectacular and the garments were fabulous. .  Catwalk supremo and member Michael Ng was the official photography and provided plenty of helpful tips.

With Trelise having her own parade outside Fashion Week, there will not be the usual opportunity to shoot at Fashion Week.

We also covered the Red-carpet media wall using a 7ft Profoto light from WHITE STUDIOS, and a giant power pack that delivered 11 flashes a second. 


Trelise 2015

The exhibition at Kinder House was outstanding in terms of photograph and a wonderful opportunity for members to build a reputation as an exhibiting artists.

In previous years we have concentrated on quantity, this year there was greater emphasis on quality. Many people commented on the high standard of photography and presentation. A special thanks to the people that assisted with this exhibition.

Photographers:  Tom Bowie, Peter Ching, Sue Dobson, Shona Kebble, Michael Ng, Jeff Norman, Neville Porter, Ronald Winstone, Ilam Wittenberg,
Manpower  Dave Bradley, Marty Kebble, Shona Kebble, Tom Bowie, Jeof Norman, Gail Orgias

Exhibitors please note. Your prints can be collected from the meeting 7th July.

Kinder 2015