Monthly Meeting 2nd June



Visitors and Guests are most welcome. Please complete the Application form (below) to assist with planning.

Venue: WHITE STUDIOS, 30 Burleigh St, Eden Terrace,
Start:   7.30pm

GUEST SPEAKERQiane Matata Sipu  

 Qiane has a passion for telling stories and doing it through photography is her gift. A gift that has seen her regularly exhibiting her work, speak at events like the Festival of Photography and be one of the busiest photographers I have ever met.

Her philosophy is simple, it is to take beautiful images of your love, your moments and your unique essence so you can remember it for a lifetime.
Her trick is winning the hearts of her subject and seeing those special moments in a revealing editorial style.

I am sure you will find her story compelling.   Click to visit her website


This is where we look and learn. Members and guests bring along images on their laptop (approx 5)._ Everyone is formed into small groups that mix, mingle and discuss the works. Not only do presenters have some feedback, but everyone else learns how to look at and discuss the images.

People wishing to exhibit should contact Tom Bowie Presentation Coordinator [email protected]






7.30pm             Wine, Welcome and Viewing.

7.35pm             Round Robin Review   (More info

8.15pm             Notices

8.20pm            Key Note Presentation