Highland Games


Join the fun, the colour and the sounds at this annual event. Held at Three Kings Park at the southern end of Mt Eden Rd near where it meets Mt Albert Rd.


First   – dancing and piping competitions. These go on throughout most of the day.


Mid morning – Traditional Highland competitions – tossing the caber and other assorted feats of strength. Great action shots can be taken here.


Early afternoon – marching pipe band competitions, parades and “battles” in costume. Again, opportunities for great photos.




Special thanks to Tom Bowie who is convener for the event and able to assistance any new members. Tom Bowie will be in the concrete stands at 10am to meet any CPF members. If you run late contact Tom on 027 367 4413


TIPS:  Try shallow depth of field and choose the background carefully.   

Get in close and capture the gunting and groaning...  it's sthe adreniline that counts

Go for colour costumes



Please book in below, so that Tom knows who will be attending and is able to advise of any updates.