Newmarket - Bricks, mortar and street life


Newmarket Photo Shoot  Sunday 27 September 2015  10.30am

Join a group to wander around the backstreets of Newmarket looking at the old buildings and factories and see how the old buildings are being put to new use.  One hundred years ago Newmarket was heavily industrialised – it has certainly changed now.

Meet in the Farmers Car Park 10.30am. First day of Daylight Saving!

Tom Bowie will lead a photographic ramble from the Farmers Car Park to the old Dominion Motors Car Assembly Plant (now Farmers) – to Highwic (the beautiful old building once owned by the Buckland Family) -to the Kent St Area (Kents Bakery) – various old shops – to the Art Deco Olympic Pool – the Old Blind Institute – south back to the Newmarket area and the new Newmarket Railway Square.

           There are many photographic opportunities through this area.

In the morning the western side of the buildings are lit and in the afternoon the eastern sides. We can take a break at any stage for coffee or lunch at the many cafes in Newmarket. Join us at any time.

Call Tom on his mobile for the group’s location.   027 367 4413.

Ideal opportunity for newcommers to learn from older members.  All welcome.