Monthly Meeting 5th December 2017

MEMBERS NIGHT    Held on first Tuesday of every Month, except January.

Meeting Starts at  7.30pm.  Please be on time.

Venue: WHITE STUDIOS, 30 Burleigh St, Eden Terrace, thanks to our host, Charles Howells.


Guest presenter

Our next presenter is Maxy,  A real outdoor Kiwi guy, based in Paeroa, with a huge success story to tell.

Maxy is keen to answer questions from the floor, so PLEASE MAKE A SPECIAL EFFORT TO COME ALONG WITH A QUESTION.

Maxy is a man of the land. And of the sea. If he’s not swimming and surfing, he’s hunting and fishing. He’s a farm boy at heart. With a passion for the great outdoors. And he reckons that if you love what you do for work, you’re not really working. So as a Locations Director, DOP, and photographer he is naturally drawn to projects that get him out in the wild, meeting the hard working, salt-of-the-earth characters he has a kinship with. Whether that’s at home capturing the people of New Zealand or exploring the kindred spirits that work the land of far-flung places like Bali - as he has done for his many personal projects. Maxy is fascinated by how the environment you live in shapes you as a person. He believes learning and understanding different people and cultures can in turn help us better understand ourselves. 

Inspired from a young age by the photography of National Geographic, he has a fascination with getting under the skin of his subjects and really capturing them through the lens. His ability to do this has seen his work exhibited in numerous exhibitions in NZ, Bali, and New York.

Now backed by production companies Curious Films (Video) and IDC (Stills), he has a team with the weight to take Maxy’s relaxed shooting style and pair it with a well-planned schedule. This combination has proven to be successful and has seen him work with some of the hottest agencies in town. Maxy has worked with the likes of BBDO, Ogilvy, FCB, and Barnes, Catmur and Friends producing work for both local and international ‘Lifestyle and Leisure’ clients.

His passion for documentary work led to his 2013 personal projects 'Our Land' and 'Bali'. To find out more about them, click on 'Exhibitions' above.

Some of Maxy's Clients to date are:  Monteiths - Collenso BBDO Farmers of Fonterra - Collenso BBDO  Tourism Fiji Collenso BBDO Ice Breaker - Ice Breaker  Vodafone NZ - Draft FCB V Energy Drink - Colenso BBDO BMW NZ - Draft FCB Cookie Time - Consortium Anchor Milk Fonterra - Colenso BBDO Jeep - 99. Heart of the city Auckland - Collenso BBDO  Starship Hospital -  DDB Group NZ