MONTHLY MEETING 7/8/12 Norrie Montgomery


We have outgrown Kinder House for our monthly meetings. From 7th August we will meet at WHITE STUDIOS.


This fabulous location is Auckland's top commercial photographic studio. Comprising of three studios capable of seating around 100 people. A really inspiring studio, with lots of amenities.


WHITE STUDIOS share our objective of promoting photography and are keen to support our endeavours.


WHITE STUDIOS, 30 Burleigh Street, Eden Terrace.


:Screen Shot 2012-07-18 at 12.33.50 AM.png




The next member's night will be on the first Tuesday of the month.

Tuesday 7th August, AT WHITE STUDIOS, 30 Burleigh Street, Eden Terrace. at 7.15pm


Please try to bring a guest. 

7.15pm             Wine, Welcome and Viewing.

7.20pm             Update and notices

7.25pm             Portfolio review

8.00pm            Key Note Presentation



Norrie Montgomery.

Without a doubt, New Zealand's best-known social photographer, shooting all the calender events for newspapers, magazines and his own website, The A-List.


Norrie started out in Glasgow shooting portrait and weddings, with a little surfing on the side.


Since coming to New Zealand he has become the undisputed super star of social photography. With 5000 friends on Facebook, 8,000 friends for the A-List on Facebook and an even greater circulation of his Site & Newsletter, The A-List.


Outstripping paparazzi, Norrie has developed a beguiling skill of instantly gaining control and winning everyone's heart.


From pin up to royalty, Norrie has his own unique style. Story teller, raconteur, astounding photographer and thoroughly nice guy, we are in for an entertaining and informative presentation.


This is a super star.  Please bring a friend and make this a super night.




Norrie Montgomery's personal PR machine.... The A-List.







The Lighting Course is underway with a great band of enthusiasts.



Basic Travel Photography Course. Aimed at entry level. Basic Travel Course. 4th and 11th August presented by a lecturer from WhiteCliffe's


Introduction to Lightroom Course. Subject to a date from Kinder house, this one night course will be announced shortly.


PhotoWalk Tiritiri Island. Registration of interest for a visit to the island around September



Future Courses

We are working on:

  • How to promote your photography on Facebook. - Rohit Kumar. Web Guru

  • Setting up a Photographic website. - Rohit Kumar. WebGuru

  • Suggestions welcome

Members Night Schedule - First Tuesday of the month!!!!

7th Aug, 4th Sept, 2nd Oct, 6th Nov, 4 Dec


New Members Committee

Peter Ching and Lynda Hart are on the reception deck and assist with new member orientation. If you have someone wishing to join please refer them to Peter  

Media & Social Media.

We need help with media releases for upcoming events.


Portfolio Presentation.

At each meeting there is an opportunity for members to exhibit a portfolio of prints. This lets members see what interests you and enables you to have your work critiqued.  If you would like more information on how to exhibit contact: Ronald Winstone.

Members wishing to submit portfolios should contact Ronald Winstone at  Please include thumbnails of work to be pressented so that images can be posted on the site and used to promote the meeting.