ESSENTIALS OF STUDIO LIGHTING -Charles Howells- Whites Studio


A remarkable opportunity to learn from one of New

Zealand’s greatest fashion photographers, who

after experience in New York, returned to New

Zealand and created one of Auckland’s best

equipped studios, “WHITE STUDIO”. While Charles is

based in Auckland, he is renown for his campaign

shoots and much of his work is overseas.

This course introduces you to the basics of lighting.

It covers all the must know information on lighting.

While it will focus on studio lights much of the

information can be applied to natural lighting.

It will cover all the lighting equipment that is

available at WHITE STUDIO. From tungsten to

strobe. From soft boxes to umbrellas. Single to

multiple lights.

It will cover the properties of lighting. How to make

harsh or soft light. Spectral and diffused light. Why

and when to use different types of light. The use of

diffusers and flags and the effect they can have.


You will learn how to see light. To control

light to create mood, feeling and splendor.

People attending this course will then have the

opportunity to go onto more advanced courses such

as: Table-top, Food, Video, Fashion etc.

The course will be held at WHITE STUDIO, 30 Burleigh

St Eden Terrace on Saturday 10th September 10am

to 3pm.

Fee $40.

To book email to, state the Course


name, phone, email, Also include your website is

available. Once your place is confirmed, payment

details will be advised.

Not only will you learn about light, but you will gain a

great insight into the thinking and emotion that is

needed to create exceptional photographs.