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A team of photographers are invited to shoot at the Trelise Cooper parade during the NZ Fashion Week. This will take place on 5th September, at the Viaduct Event Centre, Downtown Auckland. 

The photographers will form a “press gallery” and shoot from a designated platform at the end of the catwalk. This is a unique opportunity to shoot a real live “Hi-Fashion” parade by one of New Zealand’s top designers.

Trelise Cooper is one of our most successful and celebrated fashion houses,renown for her, up market, colourful, fabulous clothes.  Approximately one month after the event a Fashion Competition and Exhibition will take place.

After the parade photographers are encouraged to submit work to the Fashion Exhibition and Compeetition. See below.




All photographers are to wear dark clothing. No flash is to be used during the parade, but may be used before or after the parade. Ideally use a SLR Camera with a telephoto lens and a monopod or tripod with legs tied together.

For people who are not use to shooting in a congested space, it is advisable to bring a small step box or even a small step ladder to get a good view from the back of the stand.

In the past there has been criticism about how difficult it is to shoot alongside so many photographers, but this is a reality. Common courtesy helps. Before the show, do not hesitate to ask photograpgers in front of you, to take up their shooting position, to ensure that you have reasonable visability. If the view looks doubtful move to a better position. Also you must expect that photographers in front will move a little to "chimp" (check their viewfinder for exposure) etc. All of the best photographers chimp, so expect some movement. Finally before you get upset, be aware that the density of professionals would be a lot higher that you will be experiencing.

As we are treated as media, all photographers are required to accept the NZFW Photography / Image Rights. Please see details below.Effectively, No images may be sold but may be used for personal display or competition use by the photographer. See below for full conditions.


Trelise Catwalk by B Sanderson



Photographers are to meet at 5.45pm immediately before the parade, at the

CONSEVATORY BAR & RESTAURANT 1 -17 Jellicoe St North Warf Wynard Quarter, approx 100m from the event just along the wharf.  

Photographers will be required to sign the "Photography / Image Rights", when picking up their tickets.

Last year the parade was delayed some 45 minutes, which resulted in considerable confusion. To prevent this tickets will not be handed out until we have confirmation that photographers are able to enter the media area. We apologise in advance for any delay that may result, but conditions are likely to be better in the meeting area than inside the event.

However you must be ready to collect your tickets by 6:10pm.   The show is scheduled to start at 6.30pm.  


New Zealand Fashion Week 2012 – Photography / Image Rights

A photographer release is required by NZ Fashion Week, which effectively prohibits the sale or commercial use of any images.  NOTE: Photos can be used in competitions or personal portfolios. 

The following rights and guidelines apply to all still images and photographs (Images) captured at New Zealand Fashion Week 2011 by approved media. 

  • All working photographers must seek permission to attend New Zealand Fashion Week 2012. 

  • Copyright of all Images captured during New Zealand Fashion Week remains with the accredited photographer. 

  • Any images to be used for advertising purposes must first be given permission and clearance from the photographer and the model agency - NZFW holds no responsibility for this. 

  • No advertising or brand partners may be associated with published images unless they are New Zealand Fashion Week 2012 sponsors / partners or agreed sponsors of a New Zealand Fashion Week 2012 Designer. 


EXHIBITION & COMPETITION 5:30pm 6.30pm 25th September, 

The exhibition will be held at 5.30 pm 25th September 2012 at Kinder House, 2 Ary Street, Parnell.  Wine will be served at 5.45pm with judging at 6.00pm. Come enjoy and brose.

There is no charge for the Exhibition or Competition.

Images are to be pre Registered by email. See Pre Registartion below.

Prints are to be handed into a CPF meeting or sent to Contemporary Photography Foundation, C/o Lancer Industries, 99 Central Park Drive, Henderson, Auckland 0610 Ph (09) 8371206. or phone R Winstone 021837120 for altternative arrangements.

Prints will remain the property of the photographer and will not be used by any third party without the consent of the photographer. However free use is granted to CPF for publicity thereof. 

NZFW Exhibition


All images must be taken at an event organised by CPF.  The judges are looking for a portfolio of work rather than one lucky shot. Hence a minimum of three images and a maximum of 5 images are to be presented in each “Section”. The prints will be judged as a portfolio within each section and not as individual prints. Photographers may enter as many “Sections” as they wish. Prints may be collected from CPF meetings after the exhibition.

FULL LENGTH CATWALK - Includes shoes and head.

THREE QUARTER LENGTH CATWALK - This shows from the bottom of the garment to the top of the head for garments that do not reach the floor.

HEAD - Portrait style to show make up or hairdo.

FASHION - An open section for fashion at CPF events

Prints: may be of any size up to a maximum of 450mm by 560mm, provided they are mounted on firm card having a minimum size of 297mm by 210mm and a maximum size of 450mm by 560mm.


Print to be labeled on the back face with:

Section (See details above)

First name, Surname.

Full postal address

Phone Number

email address.

Title or Print number

The competition will be judged by Michael Ng, and a representative of Trelise Cooper. Michael Ng is a world recognized Catwalk photographer having shot at major fashion events around the world over the last 5 years.



Prints being entered into the competition must be pre-registered at least 7 days before the exhibition, by email to with a subject header of CATWALK PRINT COMPETITION,

All image files are to be named in the format:


eg Bill Brown_Head_Pink hat

Image size shall be maximum of 1280 pixels on longer edge, 72dpi, sRGB and jpg Incorrect header, title or format may result in no entry. 






SLR photographers who are keen to take better portaits and have some experience with manual camera settings.


Meeting spot. 

CONSEVATORY BAR & RESTAURANT 1 -17 Jellicoe St North Warf Wynard Quarter, approx 100m from the event just along the wharf.  

5:45pm 5th September

Cost $25 Members $40 Non members. 



To register, click on the enroll button, you will receive an email advising if space is available and how to make payment, if space is unavailable you will be notified that you have been placed on the waiting list.




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Once payment has been received you will recieve official confirmation.


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