A quick overview of how to post process and what is good practice.


Increasingly modern photography is more than just taking a picture, there is a whole new world of post processing that give enormous scope and opportunities.


This is an introductory course and builds upon the recent Lightroom course. It starts with downloading, discusses backup options, like triple security. Delves into what can be done in Lightroom and when to switch to Photoshop, with a couple of retouching examples. Finishing up with a demonstration of colour calibration.


While this may be aimed at the more advanced photographer, it will be very useful for beginners to give them some direction on where to head.


This course will not attempt to go into a lot of depth nor cover every application, as that would take weeks. However it will touch on. Lightroom, Adobe Bridge, Photoshop.  Also it will use an open forum approach as some people may use different applications.


Who should attend: Aimed at more experienced but highly useful for all photographers.


What to bring.  No need for computers unless you have specific queries!


When: A date is still being arranged around the third week in September. Watch this space for final details.  Alternatively register and you will be keep informed. If the date does not suit - full refund available.


Confirmed at Kinder House, 2 Ayr St, Parnell. at 6.15pm


Cost: Free to members, $20 Non members.